Senin, 29 November 2010


Apologies for the lack of posts recently. My only excuse is: final year of my degree is hard. My social life now revolves around the library. As I said to one friend this week, “I’m not ignoring you but if you want to see me you’re going to have to come to the library.” So dear readers I am not ignoring you but at the moment I can only be found in the library looking like this:

However, it has been a whole month since I last wrote so I think it’s about time I gave you something new to read.

So this week apparently someone told the weather I was missing Russia and it snowed in the UK. In typical British style everyone freaked out then realised that actually 1mm of snow really wasn’t going to affect us that much. The freezing cold temperatures are getting everyone down though.

I remember this time last year in Moscow it was around -10°C and I kept thinking how it wasn’t really that cold and I wouldn’t be able to show off to everyone back home how I’d survived in freeeezing temperatures. Rookie mistake. In one weekend it plummeted to -27°C and I realised that being able to show off was not worth living in such a cold climate.

At the moment it’s about -2°C in the UK. Definitely not as cold as it is in Moscow but obviously everyone is whining about how cold it is. To be honest I am too but I am however using the cold weather to be a complete show off. If anyone dares tell me that it is cold my usual response is “Hah! This is not cold. Last year I survived -30°C.” I think I have become unbearable to everyone around me. But to all the people who are finding me annoying: I do have a point. Last Thursday it was about 1°C in Birmingham. This is what it looked like in Petrozavodsk:

Aside from the weather, one of the big things of the moment is my dissertation (or disastertation, as I have renamed it). This year I need to write a 12,000 word report on anything to do with Russia and as I enjoy writing this blog so much I decided to write a report on the Russian blogosphere. So far I am really enjoying researching it. The Russian blogosphere is soooo much more interesting than the UK’s, mainly because blogging is a lot more popular in Russia than here. However I have come across a problem: there are so many Russian blogs, I don’t know where to begin! So that is where YOU come in brilliant readers!

I know that a lot of people who read this blog are Russian and/or interested in Russia. If so I would love to hear from you if you have your own blog or if you can recommend some interesting blogs to me (по русскии!) You can email me at or just comment on this blog. Any suggestions would be brilliant!

OK, I think that’s enough procrastination. Back to actually doing dissertation research!