Kamis, 17 Februari 2011

We want your ideas!

We are currently thinking about ideas for different categories for each day of the week on our blog. We want categories for each day of the week, for example Q&A Tuesday, every tuesday I will answer any questions you have. You can ask questions by commenting on the blog, sending me a message or commenting on our page or group in Facebook, or by tweeting on twitter. One day a week I will profile an apartment of the week so you can see some of the great apartments we have in St. Petersburg and Moscow!

What do you guys want to hear about? Please send us suggestions for our categories!
Such as: Q&A, apartment of the week, restaurants/bars of the week, ect.

On each day of the week I will post something about the specific topic for the that day, and it will stay that way for a few months, until we come up with new categories.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Minggu, 06 Februari 2011


Exciting, exciting news! This summer I shall be returning to Russia for two whole months!!!! I am so excited that I have caught the exclamation mark and smiley face disease all at the same time!!!! :D :D :D

I’m going to be spending a month in Petrozavodsk again, acting as a group leader for a group of first years from my university, along with my friend Anabelle (who I’m sure shall be very excited to be making a return to this blog!) I’m so happy to be returning to Petrozavodsk, firstly because I have some really good friends there who I can’t wait to spend an entire month with and also because Petrozavodsk is the best place to practise Russian! I really don’t want to leave university after spending 4 years studying Russian and then immediately forget it all, like I did after my maths GCSE (where I could actually feel the information dropping out of my brain as I walked out of the exam). A lot less people speak English in Petrozavodsk than in Moscow so I’m going to really make use of being there and try and get my Russian better. And this time it will be purely for me, not to pass an exam.

After Petrozavodsk, Anabelle and I are going to travel to Moscow for around 10 days to visit our friends there. The thought of returning to Moscow fills me with giddy excitement! Especially because it will be the summer. Moscow without snow. My favourite kind of Moscow.

After that I’m going to be travelling to St Petersburg and then Estonia to help at a few charity projects there which I’m really looking forward to. I’ve never done these projects before so it will be a learning experience, but one that I’m ready for.

As the end of final year creeps closer and closer I’m thinking more and more about what I’ll be doing next year. I’m completely concentrating on my degree at the moment and so not looking at jobs at all. I’m definitely not done with Russia, so maybe having 2 months there will help me to decide what on earth I’m going to do next!

So yeah, basically… I’m going to Russia and I’m a liiiiiittle excited.
Here’s a picture of an excited me holding a Russian doll.