Selasa, 09 Februari 2010

Moscow. Round 2.

In 3 days I will be back in Moscow. And... I’M SO EXCITED!!!!


Yes I’ve got to the point that everyone said I would get to, even though I protested it would never happen. I miss Moscow.
I miss the metro.
I miss the thrill I get every time I remember that I live in Moscow!
I miss being able to push in front of people in a queue without being shouted at.
I miss the potatoes.
I miss sushi.
I miss walking past Red Square and feeling no excitement as I see it everyday.
I miss wearing so many layers I look like the Michelin man.

Of course I know I’m going to miss my friends in the UK loads, but I really want to make the most of living in Moscow for the next few months. Instead of sitting in my room feeling sorry for myself (which I did way too much last term), I want to explore everything Moscow has to offer. I only have until June left now!

Fortunately I have help in my quest to see everything in Moscow in the form of visitors who will surely want to be tourists. The first of these being my friend Simon, who I’m going travelling with for the first two weeks I’m back in Russia. Here’s a picture of me explaining the cold to him…


My parents and other family members are all also planning trips this term, so I’m sure through them I will see a lot more of Moscow and a lot less of my bedroom walls. Simon has already suggested we should go somewhere I have never been before… a cat theatre. Russian culture at its best.

To say I still have a day left in Huddersfield I am scarily organised. I’ve packed my bag a day earlier than necessary. A sure sign that I am growing up.

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