Jumat, 02 April 2010

I think it was a bit premature for the canvas pumps.

So after the horrible beginning of the week, it’s time for some good news... Spring is here!!! This week it has been slowly getting warmer and today was finally the time to celebrate, I awoke to gorgeous sunshine and a view with no snow in it. I jumped out of bed and did a dance of joy.

Today it was 12-15ºC so we decided to go to Tsaritsyno (Catherine the Great’s estate that I blogged about way back in September).

Before we could go there was one big issue on my mind… What shoes to wear? I had my outfit planned… thinner tights, dress, shirt and jacket (layering = the answer to all Russian wardrobe problems). BUT the footwear is the biggest essential of any outfit. For the past month I’ve been wearing my boots (which clash with every outfit)… was today the day I could finally be free of them and wear my canvas pumps?! The snow has melted away, the puddles are gone and the sun is shining. I decided to go for it.

It was a mistake. I forgot that the reason all the snow has disappeared from the street is because there are people employed to clear it. Parks are a different matter. My bad shoe choice resulted in a lot of attempting to avoid puddles.

Nevertheless a fun day was had by all. The park was beautiful, the weather gorgeous and we all got a bit snap happy with Toby’s snazzy camera... or I kept pestering Toby to take pictures of me.

However this blog has probably jinxed it and tomorrow it will be freezing again… but in the meantime lets all do a dance of joy to this:

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