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Build Your Own Tour!

Express to Russia offers many great and interesting tours, but one of the best features about Express to Russian's services is that you have the ability to create your own tour. This allows you to plan a trip just for you or your groups particular interests. You can chose the cities you would like to visit, the amount of time you would like to stay, and which tours/excursions you would like to go on. Another great feature is the fact that you can plan your own trip by picking and choosing what you want, and by Express to Russia will organize everything for you such as booking plane or train tickets, booking a tour, or a personal car, or translator, and anything else you might need!

Many people interested in Russian travel may get more out of their trip to Russia by creating their own itinerary rather than being confined to a standard tour. For this reason, we introduced Create Your Own Tour. By making and submitting your selections, we will calculate the cost of your tour to Russia and you will get a better idea of what interests you most.

Create a tour to Lake Baikal for example!www.expresstorussia.com
You will have the option to order and pay for the tour that you have created or to make a request if you would like to ask more questions or are not ready to pay yet. A customer service representative will reply back to you with more information on the Russian tour that you have created yourself.

The online program is easy to use, just go to the website and follow the steps.

The process takes 9 easy steps:
Select first destination
Select accommodation and add to your order
Select excursions in the particular destination you have chosen by pressing “Add Excursions”
Select airport or station transfers (if you require them) by pressing “Add Transfers”
Select train tickets (if you require them) by pressing “Add Train tickets”
Repeat for different destinations
Select visa support by pressing “Add Visa Support”
Continue on to check out
Either order and pay for tour or choose Submit Inquiry to send an inquiry and to learn more about your options.

Russia is quite big and very diverse, so there is a lot to chose from!www.expresstorussia.com
Express to Russia offers accommodation, tours, day excursions and tickets to a wide range of Russian cities (see link below for a list) as well as Tallinn, Vilnius, Riga, Kiev, Beijing and Ulan Bataar. To read more about what we offer in these cities please go to the website and click on the city link. You can find all the information here: http://www.expresstorussia.com/go_to_russia.html

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