Sabtu, 11 Februari 2012

Babs: Not to be messed with.

Right now I'm sure you're all aware of the political furore surrounding Putin's presidential campaign. This would lead us to believe that it is the politicians that are in charge in Russia and that they are the ones who govern the people.


It is the babushkas.

These women are afraid of no-one.
They think nothing of informing strangers on the metro that they are dressed inappropriately - I remember my friend in Moscow being told off by a babushka for wearing Ugg boots when it wasn't winter.
They do not put up with time wasters - they would regularly push infront of me in the supermarket queue when I was taking too long.
They DO NOT need a man's help - more than once I've seen a little old lady carrying hundreds of bags at train stations and refusing help from young men.

Basically, they don't let anybody mess with them. For all his bare chested horseback riding, deep sea diving and matcho judo playing, I doubt Putin would ever dare take on an irrate babushka.

Babushkas have a certain look. To pull off your own babushka chic simply wear thick socks with all your shoes (even sandals in the summer), a below the knee floral skirt, a big baggy top and (of course) a scarf over your head.

(Thanks for the picture Toby.)
What my friends and I never understood is when exactly Russian women become babushkas. It is a fact (not a stereotype, a fact) that Russian women are beautiful. I've lived there, there is seriously something in the water. So when do these beautiful women become scarf wearing babushkas? Is there a time in every Russian woman's life when she morphs into a babushka?!

Joking aside, the babushkas may seem a simple source of easy humour but if you ever live in Russia for a bit it is more than likely that your khozaika (landlady) will be one. Then you will see that behind their tough exterior, the babushkas will really, truly care for you in their home. I guarantee you will never leave their home hungry.

Plus, they are the inspiration for one of my favourite Russian things....

Some of my collection :)

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