Rabu, 14 Oktober 2009

Finally it has come: this is the longest I’ve ever been in Russia!

Yes as of tomorrow this will be the longest I’ve ever spent in Russia! How exciting! It’s weird because I feel like I’ve only just moved here. But at the same time I feel like I’ve been here forever! On my journey to school now I don’t have to pay attention anymore – my body seems to know when to stand up to exit now. Weird.

I don’t feel like a Muscovite just yet though! I’m still stared at most days. It’s so weird. People just seem to KNOW I’m British… I’m yet to find the sticker that is clearly on me that says ‘I AM FROM BRITAIN’. Apparently in Russia it’s not rude to full on stare at people. Before I realised this I was so paranoid that there was something majorly wrong with my appearance. Or that I’d left the house without my skirt on (seriously one day I got Anabelle to check that I was in fact fully dressed). But I’m used to it now. I just stare back… Or sometimes I scare them with a smile. That’s always fun. :D

So this week the major news is that I’ve started volunteering with a charity. They are called Maria’s Children and run creative arts programs for disadvantaged children. Their studio centre is right behind my school – I’ve walked past it everyday for the last 6 weeks and not realised what it was! Every day children from a different orphanage go to the studio and get to do art and music. I’m definitely going to be helping out there on Fridays and Saturdays (my days off school) and maybe other weekdays. It’s so near to school it will be so easy for me to pop in whenever! I’m so happy that I’ve found something to get involved with in Moscow. :)

Winter is definitely a coming. It’s getting colder now but at the moment it is the RAIN that is the problem. It’s so wet! I’m from Huddersfield, I KNOW how to handle the rain, but seriously the other day was ridiculous. I arrived home and looked like I’d been swimming! Still not had any snow though. The coldest it’s been so far was around 3°. One of my major stresses of the moment is deciding how many layers to wear in the morning and how thick they should be! No matter how cold it is outside it is still BOILING in the metro, so I get in and literally strip down to my t-shirt. However for some reason Russian’s do not appear to feel the heat and all manage to stay in their huge winter coats. I don’t understand – do they not sweat?!?! Maybe this is why they stare at me?

On the subject of the cold this week I decided it was time to buy some winter boots. I found two beautiful pairs with one crucial difference: one pair had heels, one did not. I was then faced with the biggest dilemma of Moscow so far – to buy heels or not to buy heels? That was the BIG question. I didn’t know what to do, should I try and fit in with the beautiful Russian girls and wear heels? Or should I face the fact that I have never and will never be able to walk in heels? After a whole day of thinking I went for the flats. I am not Glamorous Grace and Trendy Trudy. I will always be Sensible Sarah.

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