Rabu, 28 Oktober 2009

Living in a world of stereotypes…

One of the things I love about studying a language is that you meet so many interesting people from so many different countries and cultures. And one of the things I love about studying Russian is that all the people you meet are just a little bit weird. I mean you have to be a bit weird to study Russian!!!

Living in a different country has been teaching me so much to not be scared of other cultures. I HATE it when people think there country is superior to others. Of course Britain has a very special place in my heart but I can accept that Britain has its problems, just like other countries! I love it when I meet people from certain cultures and they completely eradicate all the negative stereotypes I had of that place. However I love it even more when I can see how all the hilarious stereotypes of that country are totally true!!! Let’s face it, there must be some truth in all stereotypes – or they wouldn’t exist!

Take my class for example… (I know they read this so I’m sure they will be thrilled to get a name mention!)

We have Sanna who is from Finland. She’s blond, an exercise freak and super beautiful.

We have Christopher who is from Paris. He loves literature, keeps his secrets well and when he speaks French all the girls swooooon.

We have Herbert who is Dutch. He is very smiley, always happy and really clever (he wrote a scary sounding dissertation about politics in Russia)

We have Kyle who is American. He goes to Harvard, plays football (American style. Not the inferior British ‘soccer’) and is called Kyle. Enough said. (He also taught me that in America a tap is called a ‘faucet’ – never have I heard this before! Crazy Americans)

We have Tom who is from Yorkshire (sigh, yes, I go all the way to Russia and STILL meet people from Yorkshire). He is loud, likes to save his money and needs to learn to think before he speaks!

And then there is me. I am starting to worry that maybe I am a stereotype too :-/

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