Sabtu, 12 Juni 2010

I’m comin’ home baby.

One week today I’m returning to the UK and my year of living in Moscow will be over. I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone!!! It seems like only two minutes ago I was writing statuses like ‘12 weeks, 4 days and like 9 hours and 45 minutes or something until Sarah has left to live in Moscow.’ Now it is my friends in the year below me writing such statuses, this one was stolen from my friend Ben. (WHAT is the plural of status? Statuses? Status’? Stati?)

The journey home has already begun. There is a major ‘schools almost out for the summer’ feeling going around here… aside from the fact that everyone from Birmingham Uni has to finish writing their year abroad project in the next few weeks. The year abroad project really does get in the way of your year abroad. Surely we should be practicing our spoken Russian by DOING things in Russia, instead of being cooped up at home WRITING about it on our own? I’ll stop there before I have a major rant about it.

How do I feel about returning? GOOD. I can’t wait to come home! I can’t sleep at the moment because I’m way too excited! I am SO ready to be able to wash my clothes in a washing machine, cook food in an oven, boil water in a kettle AND drink water straight from the tap! For the first week it will be the little things that will make me smile.

Oh yeah, and it’ll be nice to see my friends too. Not like I missed them or anything…

On the other hand, I know I’m going to miss my life in Moscow… eventually. Although right now I’m trying to think of what I’m going to miss and I really can’t think of anything! Sushi probably. Yeah, I’ll miss sushi.

This year has had some major lows, but with every low there has been a bigger high. It’s been hard but has made me realise that I can do anything! I think ‘surviving living in Russia’ will be at the top of my CV from now on. But now it’s definitely time to live in the UK again. I can’t believe I’ve actually (nearly) done it!


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