Selasa, 08 Juni 2010

The Sofa Bed Trend.

From my previous blogs you could be forgiven for thinking that all Russians are cold, heartless and scary. This is mainly because most of my encounters with Russians that are worth blogging about are normally negative ones, ie. When I make stupid language mistakes in shops/on the street/on the metro/at school/in cafes etc etc. So it’s about time I gave a little bit of love back and shouted from the rooftops:


Yes you may not smile at me on the metro, yes you may laugh at me when I try to talk to you, yes you can’t understand why I sit on the floor without the fear of infertility but Russians… I love you!

I have to say that I think Russian people are the best hosts I have ever encountered! For a start literally every flat in Russia has at least 1 (if not 2 or 3) sofa beds so that guests will always be welcome to stay over. The UK really should take this on board – sofa beds are the best! (On the other hand Russia should take on board that a sofa bed is Not.A.Bed. After sleeping on an uneven bed for a year I have come to the conclusion they should only be for guests.)

As well as this I can guarantee that on every table in every Russian flat will be a dish of biscuits and sweets ready for guests. Whenever I visit my lovely friends Lyudmila and Olga in Petrozavodsk their table is full of treats for their guests!

Oh and the food! Going to a Russian house for dinner means you will be fed. Fed well. Russians seem to feed me until I say “STOP”. The first time I lived in Russia for a long period of time I didn’t know how to say “I’m full.” In fact I pretty much only knew how to say “Yes”. I think I put on about 10 stone in a month.

So to my lovely Russian friends, thank you for being so welcoming!
Oh, and to my friends in the UK, if you live in Birmingham or London I will probably want to stay with you at some point over the summer… I expect a sofa bed and sweeties.

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