Selasa, 01 September 2009

3 hours until I exit The Hudd.

So, in 3 hours I will begin my Russian adventure. My dad’s driving me down to Heathrow for a lovely early 9.30am flight. Urgh. We have to set off at 2am. Mega urgh. I’m not even going to attempt to sleep.

Over the past few days I have been asked the question ‘How are you feeling?’ followed quickly by ‘Are you scared?’ A LOT. This makes me think I should be scared, but for some miraculous reason I am not. Yes I’m nervous but I wouldn’t say how I’m feeling is scared. I’ve just got that nervous ‘new thing’ feeling, not that ‘I am so scared I am going to vomit’ feeling. This, I see, as a positive.

Naturally I have a few worries. These are all obviously ridiculous, but I shall share them with you all anyway...

1. What if the person at the check in desk will not let me on the plane with my bag that is 2kg too heavy? (no matter how many times I re-packed I could NOT shift that 2kg!)

2. What if I have for some unknown reason brought the wrong plane ticket, or the wrong piece of paper and they will not let me on the plane?

3. What if my friend in Moscow forgets to pick me up at the airport?

4. What if the neighbour who has the keys for my flat is not in and I am stranded outside my flat? (My landlady is not in Moscow for the first week I am there, so I have to ask the neighbour for the key – clearly I will make my friend who is giving me a lift there do that)


5. What if I can’t get the internet to work? How will I ever get to FACEBOOK?

So those are my worries. All pretty silly. Right now instead of sleep I’m gonna spend my last couple of hours in the UK on facebook. Woop.

Goodbye dear Huddersfield, how I will miss it!

Next blog coming at yer from Moskva!!!!

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