Sabtu, 05 September 2009

Day 3. Forgetting how to smile.

On Friday I had my first lesson at the school I will be studying at. We had to talk about ourselves, kind of like a ‘getting to know you’ session. My teacher is nice. Although she made us watch a video about ‘meeting new people on the street’. It was basically a video of a guy hitting on a girl in the street. Then she said our next lesson would be on the street. This is when I began to worry. WHAT was she gonna make us do? Fortunately she was just showing us around the area! I felt a bit more confident in my Russian afterwards because I did actually understand what was going on in my lesson. But then we were let loose out in the big, scary world of actual Russia again and I remembered I am not capable of doing ANYTHING.

Everyone keeps saying ‘don’t worry, your Russian is gonna improve so much this year!’ But at the moment I don’t see how. I guess it’s only the third day. Me and my friend are going to find out about an English Club. They are places where young people go to improve their English by talking to British people. Obviously we will speak English there but it will be such a good way to meet RUSSIAN young people. One major failing of my school is that it is a school for foreign people, so it’s quite hard to meet Russians. Having Russian friends will make my Russian a to the mazing. I hope.

The past few days have mostly been spent wandering around trying to find our way around Moscow. We’ve been to many shopping malls. But bought nothing as it is so ridiculously expensive. Boo. Red Square has been shut as tomorrow is ‘City day’ – the birthday of Moscow. There’s a huge party on Red Square but it’s been so frustrating not actually being able to go on it yet!

The biggest success of the past day is that I have found a supermarket near my school!!!! It was a happy day. I now have pasta SAUCE and cheese. An actual meal.

However I now have a new worry. Here it is: I still haven’t met the woman who will be my landlady. She’s on holiday and I have NO idea when she’s coming home. She’s blatantly just gonna walk in one day and I’m gonna have to make conversation with her. Then she’ll probably tell me off for putting stuff in the wrong place or something. :S And I need to pay her. But I dunno much she’s gonna charge me and b.when I should give it to her. I know this should not be a worry. But I am so scared of when she comes back. What if she doesn’t like me? What if she gets annoyed that my Russian is so bad? There’s probably nothing to worry about. But I always need to worry about something and at the moment this is it.

Final thought of today. I am truly turning into a Muscovite as I have noticed I now have a ‘Russian face’ that I use on the metro. You know how on public transport in the UK if you catch someone’s eye you give them a grin, even if you don’t know them? That does NOT happen in Russia. Everyone looks at each other like they want to kill each other. And now I am doing it too. My smile is fading. It makes me sad. But also kinda makes me giggle at how quickly I am turning into a Russian!!


Just after I wrote all this Vika my flatmate came home. We sat and chatted in the kitchen with her friend Zoya for 2 hours. It made me feel a LOT better about my ability in Russian and about living in this flat. Even if my landlady is scary at least I have a friend here! She and her friend are Christians (as is my landlady – there are huge pictures of Jesus EVERYWHERE in our flat, kinda scary.) and they invited me to church tomorrow! Am a bit worried I may have to go to confession in Russian but other than that I’m excited to see what a Russian church is like! Apparently I need to wear a dress. Clearly it is going to be very different to the churches I go to!

God is looking after me. Everything’s gonna be alright.

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