Selasa, 08 September 2009

Lenin, Stalin and Marx in one day.

Yesterday has got to have been the most ridiculous day so far. After class me and three friends decided to explore around the main street in Moscow – Tverskaya ulitsa. We looked around the shops a bit and then walked down to Red Square (which is STILL shut. It’s so annoying. I’ve been in Moscow nearly a week and we’re STILL not allowed on there.) Anyway, we were wandering around Red Square and who should we see – Lenin and Stalin. No word of a lie. There are two men who dress up as Lenin and Stalin and wander around near Red Square giving speeches that Lenin and Stalin once gave and posing for pictures with tourists. Total madness. I love Russia. Then we walked on for a bit and found the statue of Marx. Lenin, Stalin and Marx in one day. A productive day.

Today we had one class then we had to go and ‘put our new skills into practise.’ We had been learning how to ask for directions and how to talk about the metro – the teachers seem to have forgotten that we have in fact been in Moscow for nearly a week and so have already learnt pretty quickly how to use the metro and how to ask for directions! Anyway. They gave us all a piece of paper that had the name of a place written on it and the metro station it was next to. We had to get the metro there and then ask a person for directions and meet others from our group at the place. A bit of a silly exercise because there were signs for everything everywhere and it was obvious that groups of us were all going to the same place so we just went there together and followed the signs! A bit pointless but better than being in class.

Today I have had a breakthrough in my struggle with Russian though! A little old lady asked me for directions to the chemist and not only did I understand her but I also gave her the correct directions!!!! She said thank you to me, commented on my ‘funny accent’ and then gave me a hug! I was so proud of myself! Maybe I am actually going to get better at this language…

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